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How to Avoid Miscommunication? Aligning Intention and Impact 


Whether as a leader, colleague, family member, or friend, we have all had experiences where our communication missed the mark. These misfires can cause confusion, conflict, or even chaos at work and at home.

When this happens, there may be a disconnect between our intention and the impact it creates on the receiver.

We craft our communications and conversations based upon our intentions for the situation or the other person. Since we are caring, competent individuals, our intentions are rarely negative.  But in gathering our thoughts, we may be missing a critical step in ensuring we are being helpful and supportive; considering the potential impact and desired outcome of our communication is key.

To align your best intentions with the desired impact, consider these pointers: 

  • What is the desired outcome of the communication?  
  • Do I have a stake in the ultimate outcome, or am I simply attempting to be supportive and helpful? 
  • How might the other person experience what I am communicating; is there a better way to position the information? 
  • What is the best delivery method: by email, by phone, or in-person?  The more critical or sensitive the information we wish to impart, the more personal the delivery method should be. 

We all desire to be helpful and clear in our communications.  Aligning our intentions with the ultimate impact is a good place to start.  Let one of our experienced coaches help you achieve your best communication and impact.

Written By Cory Colton.