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Why Should You Hire a Career Coaching During COVID-19?


Since Covid-19 hit, the U.S. saw a historical rise in the unemployment rate at 8.8%. And although it has decreased since, it still stands unstable at 6.7% as of December according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As Covid-19 unfolded, it became more about adjusting to the new normal, and frankly, we all were doing the same thing. With the job market in limbo, new jobs were hard to find, and career changes became even harder.

When unemployed, the only priority rightfully is to find your next job. However, in circumstances like now, it is a little different. Although some of the job markets are picking up, it has also become a lot more competitive, and the need to stand out is a lot higher.

Career coaching is one of those practices which can help you flip your situation around under an expert’s wing. However, at Koachee we also understand that baring the cost of career coaching currently is not something you are willing to do.

However, working with the right coach can help you get a higher return on investment, a lot faster.

The first step to hiring a career coach is to ask the most important question.

Can a career coach help with your current concerns?

If you lost your job due to the pandemic, it is possible that you might find yourself looking for a new job after an exceptionally long time. During the time since you last applied for a job, the market has changed significantly. To jump back in, you need an expert to help you through the process.

Simultaneously, you may be using the pandemic as an opportunity to switch careers. A career coach can certainly help you successfully make the change.

Although career coaches help with both the above issues, they can also help with updating your resume, and LinkedIn profiles to help attract recruiters and make valuable connections.

So, if that is your situation, then yes, a career coach will help.

Once you have decided on getting yourself a career coach, it is time to find the right coach.

Covid-19 has left a lot of us in a state of frustration, looking for quick results. Hence, we might go forward with the most convincing career coach we find. However, a lot more factors go into finding the right coach. From credentials to experience, you would need to focus on each aspect.

Finding the right coach will help you transform your current situation immediately. The times we are going through right now, are new for everyone, including working from home.

With that said, besides the generic reasons to hire a career coach, here are 3 reasons a career coach is now essential.

1. Take a Rational Approach

In these unprecedented times, our decisions are mostly being driven by emotions and increased stress. However, it is important to remain calm while the storm passes. A career coach can bring in that rationality, and help you focus on the right track which will help you move out of this situation faster.

2. Imposter Syndrome

During this time, when the hiring processes are slower, and jobs are scarce, imposter syndrome has become a likely visitor in our minds. With excessive layoffs and rejections, we may find ourselves, constantly thinking that ‘I am not good enough.’

Although untrue, it is something that can take a life-changing toll on us. As a result, a career coach can help us overcome this.

3. Avoiding Burnout

In these times, burnout is certainly of common occurrence. It is likely to find yourself waking up each day, apply for jobs, and end up with no result. A career coach understands this process a lot better than one would as a candidate. Having a career coach during the pandemic on your side will help avoid burnout.

A career coach during this pandemic may seem like an added expense, however, if you are able to hire one, you most certainly should.

If you are looking for a career coach but are not sure where to start, visit us at Koachee and find your next career coach.