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How to Find a Life Coach? A Guide to Finding The Right Coach


Modern-day life coaching traces back to the efforts of Thomas Leonard in the early 1990s.

In 1991, Thomas Leonard established the first life coaching school, known today as CoachU. He also went on to contribute to establishing the International Coaching Federation in 1994, which stands to be the leading accrediting body for coaches.

Life coaching over the years has helped millions of people find clarity in life, along with commercial success. But all that was only made possible because of the benefits of life coaching.

Life coaching comes with undeniable advantages – let’s take a look at a few.

Top 3 Benefits of Life Coaching


Overcoming Gaps in Life – We all have our own set of aspirations, of places and people we want to be, but the journey may not be easy. In this confusing state, at times, we need that guidance, and strength to help us identify the gap. As a result, one of the biggest advantages of life coaching is to help us bridge the gaps between today and the future.

Clarity – We have all been through the time where we wonder what is best for us but found it hard to find the answer. Life coaching assists in finding the answers which provide the clarity we need.

Explore – It is not uncommon for us to get extremely busy with our lives, so much so, that we forget to explore further. Life coaching helps us identify and work towards newer opportunities and helps us focus on areas we left ignored.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Finding a Life Coach

Before hopping onto the coaching bandwagon, it is essential to first understand whether or not you need a coach. At times, coaching may seem the right solution even for the smallest concerns. Now, although we sincerely believe coaching is for everyone, here is a simple way of clarifying your position.

1. Do I need a coach to help fix my concerns?

In business, life, or career, we may be going through a rough patch which we may find hard to solve. However, if you evaluate with a clear mind, is it possible for you to resolve the concern yourself?

If the answer is to this question is no, then hiring a coach will be a great idea.

2. Can I cope up with what a coach suggests?

Coaching is a two-way process, and when you sign up with a coach, it is also unlikely that you would learn everything in one single session. When you sign up for coaching, there is a plan you follow, and while doing that, there are some changes you need to normalize in your part of the process.

Do you believe that you would be able to cope up with tasks, and exercises during your busy schedule?

3. Do I know enough about hiring a coach?

No two coaches are the same, and it is important to research about the coach and how coaching works before hiring one. One of the first things one may do is try to find coaches online, using platforms like Google, and Facebook. However, you may come across coaches who are better marketers than the rest, leaving your perception a little diluted.

So, research and referrals are key.

Another great way to find life coaches is to use coaching marketplaces, like Koachee. Here you can view profiles of coaches from all over the world along with reviews, which helps you in comparing multiple coaches within each category.

How to Find an Online Life Coach?

With the basics out of the way, it is now time for you to find the life coach who would be the right fit for you.

Disclaimer: It is a process.

Assuming that you have already done some of the initial leg work of finding a list of life coaches in your network, now it is time to find the one you want to work with.

1. Training & Certifications

Although certifications are not a pre-requisite to becoming a coach, coaches with professional training and certifications are found to be more experienced. If coaches have certifications through bodies like ICF, their credibility boosts a little farther up than those without any certifications.


One of the primary reasons you would want to look into this is because coaching in itself is based on scientific research that certified life coaches incorporate in their practice.

2. Coaching Style

Every coach has their coaching style. Some may focus on a strict process, while others may have an ad-hoc strategy. Between these two, it may not be necessary that both would fit your style of operating.

It is critical to have the life coach share some of their practices and plans with you before hiring them. Understanding these styles can help you find that click you need.

3. Techniques & Tools

Now, we understand that you may not already have enough experience with coaching to know the details about methods and tools. However, it is important to learn a little about them before working with a coach.

One of the most popular methodologies in coaching is the A.D.I.T (assess, discover, implement, and transition) model.

Coaches follow particular tools and techniques are likely to be far more effective than others.

4. Cost

Coaching can be costly. However, if you are aiming to get more than one session, you would be looking for a reasonable cost. On Koachee, many of our coaches have packaged deals where they would bundle up multiple sessions for a fixed cost.

Generally, coaching can cost anywhere between $50 – $500 per session.

5. Schedule

When hiring a life coach, another important aspect to keep in mind would be scheduled. You and your life coach are both likely to have a strict schedule. However, before moving into hiring the coach, it is important to learn whether the coach would exclusively be available during the session, or would you be able to reach out to the outside of those sessions.

At times, when you are getting coached, you will have questions, during and outside of sessions. Would you be able to reach out to your coach at any time via email or phone, or would you have to hold those questions for the next session?

6. Free Consultation – Discovery Call

Several coaches offer what you call ‘a discovery call.’ A discovery call is a two-way session that helps both the coach and you to learn about each other. This helps coaches find out about the concerns you are willing to address and also permits you time to evaluate the coach and their capabilities.

7. Reviews and Success Rate

Today coaches heavily emphasize the use of the internet to market and put themselves out there. As a result, coachees have found the opportunity to review them on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Researching your coach will help you find reviews from past clients and their success rate.

On Koachee, coaches are often hired based primarily on the internal review system. It helps prospects find more firsthand information regarding their life coach.


Life coaching is very effective; however, it may only be as effective as your coach. Hence, finding a life coach who fits your needs is crucial.

When dealing with any life concern, you are likely to be in search of answers which help you improve your challenges.

One of the most critical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to looking for a life coach is to be patient and research well. As we see an increase in the number of coaches worldwide, it is also true that some coaches may simply be starting.

Koachee is an online coaching marketplace, helping coachees connect with experienced coaches online. Find your life coach with us, sign up today.