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Top Coaches on Koachee (October Edition)


Are you trying to find a coach these days? A coach who can help you with your career, life, or business? Finding a coach is an overwhelming process, and making the right decision can be a little difficult. However, our team at Koachee is constantly making an effort to make the process of finding a coach seamless for you.

Koachee is an online coaching marketplace connecting coachees with experienced coaches, all in a matter of a few clicks.

Over the years, coaching has been regarded as one of the most beneficial ways to transform one’s life or career. However, it is always to difficult to meet with the right coach and match their wave length. We often want the best coaches to work with and rightly so, but with finding the right coach comes a lot of other factors, including certifications and finances.

At Koachee, we help coachees connect with coaches for discovery calls and then move on to paid sessions.

This month, in our October edition, we have 7 coaches highlighted, who you cannot miss out on!

Mark McCartney – Career & Life Coach

Mark McCartney is a seasoned career and life coach.

Two years ago, Mark left behind a 15 year long successful career to establish his grounds in career and life coaching. Over the years, Mark has built his own coaching style, working with professional coaches who may have successful careers, but still feel something is missing.

Working with Mark helps clients discover what they want, establish short-term and incremental behavioral changes, and hitting the goals.

With his experience from traveling to places like London, Vancouver, Peru, Berlin, India and New York, Mark knows coaching is his calling.

Certification: Finalizing Transformational Coaching Diploma

Experience: Coaching since 2020 after a 15 year Capital Markets career

Rates: Starting at $100 per session

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Mark McCartney

Sanae Benameur – Business & Life Coach

Sanae Benameur joined Koachee as an experienced business and life coach.

With 20 years of management experience with multinational companies, Sanae now uses her time coaching other professionals to help maintain emotional and physical well-being all while pursuing their dreams. Sanae’s sole belief is that only we can as we are the master of our own destiny.

Sanae uses her experience and skills to accompany clients to find their personal and professional success while keeping their emotional well-being a priority.

Certification: Certified Coach @ Ecole du Sens

Experience: Coaching since 2020 with over 15 years of Executive Management experience

Rates: Starting at $90 per session

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Sanae Benameur

Jessica West – Business, Career & Life Coach

Jessica West is an exceptionally experienced coach on Koachee, offering various coaching services in multiple verticals, including business, career and life.

Inventor of the leadership transformation program Amplified Impact, Jessica helps empower entrepreneurs, business leaders and visionaries with effective tools to help change organizations for sustainable impact. This strategy implements mindful marketing and servant-based leadership strategies.

Over the years, Jessica’s international business and travel experience has helped her to commit to heart-centered business practices.

With a Bachelor of Science degree from California State Polytechnic University along with studying Sustainable Business Strategies at Harvard Business School, Jessica West is certified coach.

Rates: Starting at $155 per session

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Jessica West

Sandeepa Samuel – Business & Career Coach

Sandeepa Samuel joined our Koachee community as an experienced business and career coach.

As a human capital strategist Sandeepa has over 18 years of experience in strategic planning and management, performance and talent management, and leadership development. Over the years Sandeepa has held senior HR positions for companies like Tapzo (later acquired by Amazon) and Exotel. One of Sandeepa’s core belief is that employee engagement is the science and art of connecting strategy, people and processes.

Sandeepa has helped organizations construct HR policies from scratch, and since, established her grounds in coaching.

Her coaching style is strength-based and action plan oriented.

Certification: Six Sigma

Experience: Over 18 years of experience in strategic planning, and leadership development

Rates: Starting at $146 per session

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Sandeepa Samuel

Danielle Francis – Business & Executive Coach

Our coach, Danielle Francis is a certified business and entrepreneur coach based in Spain.

Danielle specializes in coaching small business owners and early-stage startups across various industries. Her coaching services include 4 to 6 coaching sessions which helps clients from brainstorming business opportunities to gaining traction and making sales.

Danielle’s core belief is that everyone can make big impacts with small steps. This very belief helped Danielle to start two tech ventures of her own.

Certification: Business and Entrepreneurship Coach

Experience: 10+ years

Rates: Starting at $80 per session

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Danielle Francis

Kriti Chhaparwal – Business & Life Coach

Kriti Chhaparwal is business and life coach on Koachee.

Working with entry and mid-level managers, Kriti helps clients align personal motivations and professionals goals. She also helps clients discover possibilities of having a balanced life. Kriti has helped numerous coachees find a voice in their organization by communicating clearly, setting boundaries and developing nurturing relationships.

Kriti is an ICF Professional Certified Coach Candidate with over five years of experience in Technology Consulting.

Certification: ICF Candidate

Experience: 2+ years

Rates: Available upon contact

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Kriti Chhaparwal

Tricia Bowman – Career & Life Coach

Tricia Bowman is one of the most experienced coaches on Koachee. With over 15 years of experience, Tricia has been coaching couples and individuals to help them find joy, motivation, happiness, and more out of their lives. One of her core beliefs revolves around finding our groove.

Tricia is capable of helping clients be unstuck and is trained to identify every type of obstacle that may be holding a client back.

As a strategic life and relationship coach, you can expect to gain clarity and action towards the goals you want to achieve.

Certification: Strategic Intervention Certified Coach, Passion Patterns Instructor and Advanced Relationship Coach

Experience: 15+ years

Rates: Starting at $150 per session

Free Consultation Available? Yes

Connect with Tricia Bowman


If you are looking to find a coach, our guide to finding a coach can be a great place to start. Most of our coaches on Koachee offer free consultations that can help you discover more about the coaches, and make better buying decisions.