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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?


One of the most powerful tools we have as leaders is our ability to tell our leadership stories. 

Our leadership stories can help our teams and colleagues to understand who we are as a leader, help to inspire our teams to action, help them navigate times of change and transition, and ultimately to define their own path. 

Our leadership stories can provide relatability during times of uncertainty and crisis. 

However, just as with our crazy uncle Joe during the holidays, our stories can get old and stale! 

As we grow and develop in our careers, who we are as leaders naturally changes (or should change).   

Earlier in my career, I was promoted from leading front-line employees to leading other leaders (managers and directors). The change happened very quickly and in many ways I was unprepared.   

My leadership stories up to that point were about the strength and success of the solutions my team produced. I hired a coach for the transition who asked me, “how will your leadership need to change when this transition is complete? 

I didn’t understand the question right away, but over time it became clear that what supported my success previously would no longer sustain me or propel me forward. 

I was no longer responsible for driving solutions—I was responsible for the people driving the solutions. 

It was clear my leadership and my leadership story needed to evolve. 

Coaching is an effective way for us to navigate through change and transition.  Coaches can ask the powerful questions to help us shift perspective and broaden our thinking. 

Where are we holding on to leadership behaviors that no longer serve us? 

Where are we clinging to stories that no longer portray who we are? 

What can we let go of, in order to make room for new learning and growth? 

Koachee has a team of certified, highly experienced, and powerful coaches to help you navigate your leadership and craft your new leadership story. 

You grow your business…let Koachee grow your leaders! 

What’s your story? 


Written By Cory Colton.