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Why is Coaching Important? A Deep Understanding


Today, we have come to a point where we either know someone who has worked with a coach or has at least considered working with one. The importance of coaching has been evolving drastically, and since coaching is no longer only for those in executive positions, more people have begun to benefit from it, in recent times.

Over the past couple of decades, technology has played a major role in almost every industry as we know it today. From the emergence of computers, the internet and the world wide web, industries have changed, and in the process, people within those industries have had to change as well.

Where this technological boom has favored industries, it has also given way to more competition, and ever-changing environments.

This in turn, has required people to change, adapt and simplify with it.

That is where coaching comes in.

This constant need for transitioning has given coaching a new face. Whether you are looking to transition within your career, life or business, coaching helps you get there in chaotic environments and helps you find your ground.

But let’s talk a little more about who needs coaching?

Who needs coaching?

Bill Gates TedTalk - Why Coaching is Important?

In his TED Talk of 2013, Bill Gates answered this as simply as possible, “everyone needs a coach.”

Coaching is a unique profession. Unlike mentoring or consulting, coaching does not tell you what to do, however; it facilitates the process for you.

One instance this applies best to is when you would work with a financial coach. Unlike financial advisors, the coach will not tell you where to invest money, instead they are likely to focus more on you understanding the money you make.

However, one of the reasons why we still talk about who needs coaching is because there are many taboos in the coaching industry.

Some people may assume that coaching is only for those who can afford it, while others may consider their years of experience enough to not get coached.

In either instance, it is not true.

Coaching indeed is for everyone. From a young college graduate trying to find a job, to a seasoned venture capitalist with decades of work experience.

Importance of Coaching By Type

According to the study published by Erickson International in 2016, essentially, there are two kinds of coaching: Life Coaching and Business Coaching.

As the name suggests, it is indeed safe to assume that life coaching addresses various areas of life, from career development to relationships, health, and spirituality.

While on the other hand, business coaching is focused solely executive and entrepreneurial coaching.

But what is the importance of each?

Types of Coaching and Why is It Important?

Life coaching is one of the areas that has seen a drastic boom over the years. In recent years, we have all discovered that if you are having trouble focusing on your goals, or feel like something is holding you back, life coaching is the way to go.

A life coach is mostly known to facilitate in breaking those patterns.

On the flip side, at some point in time, we have all had an amazing idea which we have wanted to transform into a thriving business. This is where business coaching is important. Business coaches help us pan out a plan and facilitate us in following and moving in the right direction.

Although, business coaching is not only for entrepreneurs, it is as important for executives looking to understand leadership.

How can coaching help?

Over the years coaching has proven to have had tremendous benefits, for both, professional and personal lives. As a result, coaching has found itself highly in-demand as a profession. But for those who have never been coached might still ask why it is coaching so important, and how can they benefit from it?

Based on our research, and surveys, here are some of the top benefits of coaching.

1. Establish, Act and Achieve Goals

At one point or another in life, we might find ourselves thinking that we are slacking, and not doing enough. You already have a lot on your plate, but while juggling between life and work, you are unable to achieve what you have set your eyes on already.

This is where coaching becomes particularly important.

While one may continue to exhaust themselves, a coach would help you take a step back and break down your goals into achievable chunks and help you manage your expectations.

The coach will further help you stay accountable and work with you to see you through.

2. Engage More with What You Love

Let’s face it, we all need that push, the motivation and accountability. Coaching helps us achieve the same. Hiring a coach helps with a particularly important step. It helps you move closer to what you love and engage more with it more.

The truth is, when an idea or goal is in your head, it is only an idea that you know. Hiring a coach brings in the severity and authority.

A coach will automatically drive you towards doing what you love.

3. Gain a New Perspective

Like we mentioned earlier, when you have something as an idea inside your own self, you are looking at it only from your point-of-view.

A coach brings in the reality that you might not be seeing at the time.

Let us say you want to build a billion-dollar company, but you have only given yourself 2-years to do that. Now, although ambition is good, it may also be unrealistic.

A coach will help you gain a new perspective on it, and help you look at the picture from a new perspective.

4. Deeper Learning

As we strive to constantly better ourselves, it is also important to continue learning. That indeed is one of the most effective ways to move along and find yourself succeed.

Coaching is certainly one of the many ways to learn more about yourself, craft, and profession. A coach will bring to the table the expertise you may not have at the time.

For instance, if you are looking to gain an understanding of how to work through your career, a career coach can help you understand money better and give you a better approach.

5. Learn About Yourself

Even today, after years of apparent reviews, coaching may be undervalued. Coaching is not only necessary when you are seeking help for your business or career. Coaching is important for YOU, yourself as well.

With everything we have going in our lives, it is easy to keep track of everything around us, but ourselves.

Coaches master the art of reconnecting you with you. In the process you discover skills and processes you did not think you could achieve.

Conclusion: Yes, Coaching is Important.

Coaching comes with many benefits, but the importance of coaching lies in its depths.

Coaching helps us find our path. It helps us see through the chaos and aim in the direction of the end goal.

Whether you are seeking coaching for your career, life or business, its importance is unmatched for the reasons mentioned above.

Coaching helps you unlock your true potential.

If you are unsure where you need to start, certified coaches on Koachee are offering free consultation, browse through the list!