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9 Reasons You Should Hire a Career Coach


Definition: What is Career Coaching?

Although the origins of career coaching can be traced back to 1907, as an industry it has really picked up over the past decade.

Career coaching as the name itself suggests revolves around one’s career. However, there still seems to be a cloud around the practice giving away an unclear picture. So, for now, let’s set the record straight with understanding what career coaching really is!

Career coaching is a form of coaching which helps professionals set informed goals and make mindful decisions regarding their careers. In the process, professionals are able to set a clear trajectory as to where they are headed.

But with that said, do you already need to have started your career to get coached?

The answer is simply, no.

Career coaching can often be misunderstood to be only for executives or professionals with a decade long work experience, but that is no longer true.

Today, career coaching has made a paradigm shift. A shift catering to recent graduates as much as it would cater to executives.

A career coach is competent to work with first-time job seekers and better yet, is capable to help with resume building and getting the foot into the right door.

So, if you are thinking that career coaching is not for you because you do not have any work experience – you may want to reconsider.

With that said, let’s talk about it in a bit more detail.

Who is Career Coaching for? 

Like we mentioned earlier, career coaching is no longer for executives or those who already have years of experience. But this goes beyond your current work situation.

Career coaching comes with a whole set of benefits.

To help you understand if you should hire a career coach:

You are a recent graduate looking for your first job

You feel stuck in your current job and want to switch

You are unable to balance your work and your life

You are looking to switch careers

You are lacking the confidence to succeed in your career

You want to solve problems

If any of these resonate with you, we would recommend you to consider career coaching.

We will discuss these in detail shortly.

How Much Does Career Coach Cost?

If you are looking for a set price for a career coaching session, we must tell you now – there is no set price.

On average, career coaches charge anywhere between $75 to $150 per hour. On the other hand, career coaches who are more seasoned with certifications and experience can charge up to $150 to $250.

Although, this might sound like an expense at the time if you work with the right coach you are likely to realize later that it may be the best investment you ever make.

However, finding the right coach is a matter of research.

Some certified and very experienced coaches on Koachee offer great packages. We’ll cover this later too.

But let’s get down to business.

Why should you hire a career coach? Our team at Koachee highlights 9 reasons why you definitely should hire a career coach.

9 Reasons You Should Hire a Career Coach

1. You are a recent graduate

Like we touched on earlier, recent graduates and career coaches work great together. As a recent graduate, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the job market. In the process, you might lose track of where you must start, how to network, create an effective resume, and get your foot in the door.

Career coaches, as experts, are able to help with all of that. And although, as a recent graduate when investing money is not your top priority, career coaching is an investment worth the money.

Career coaches help you understand the process using tools and processes the market is currently using.

And rather than assuming what works and what doesn’t, career coaches help you work around effective practices.

So, if you are a recent graduate, and are not sure as to where to start, career coaching is a good opportunity.

Several certified coaches on Koachee offer free consultations, which means you do not even have to pay for discovery calls.

2. You have a toxic work environment

Toxic work environments do exist, and as taboo as this conversation can seem, it indeed is a reality.

Rude managers and unpleasant co-workers are only part of a toxic work environment but that is not all it is. Having unclear goals on projects, stifled growth, and no work-life balance all contribute to a toxic work environment.

If you currently working in such a workplace, there are two things you can opt for:

1. Learn to cope with toxicity and challenges which come with it.

2. Venture out to find another job.

In either case, a career coach will be able to help you find your fit.

Working with a career coach, you will learn how to manage such hostile environments and come out the other end as a winner – without jeopardizing your career.

3. You don’t think you can grow

One common concern we may face in our careers often is that we cannot find a way to grow. Our job would seem stagnant and we are unable to take on new challenges. As much as one would like a secured job, staying in one without growing further in the role can be displeasing.

However, at times, it may also be the case that despite there being opportunities to grow you are unable to latch onto them.

When you hire a career coach, you will learn that their competence helps you find these opportunities and make the most of them. A career coach will help you identify these within your organization and then make the right moves to grow in your company.

If there is no possibility to grow, a career coach will also help you find roles that do give you that opportunity.

4. You need help get a raise

It is not uncommon for us to find ourselves wondering if we are getting paid enough for the amount of work we do. And this striking notion is precisely when we need to get ourselves a raise.

Sometimes, if you wait too long, the longer it takes to get a raise.

Hiring a career coach will help you overcome this situation with confidence and allow you to learn how to get the raise you deserve.

Career coaching has had a long history of enabling professionals and helping them get what they want.

A career coach will work with you on your strengths and help you showcase them when the moment comes, which in turn will lead you towards better pays, and promotions.

5. You need to change careers

Many of us graduate and get busy with finding a job. And when wanting to simply get hired, anything works.

You then go on to spend years in that industry or field of work, to sustain your position. However, at some point, we would naturally consider switching careers. Something we may be more passionate about.

Now, we all know, career changes are not the easiest, especially, if you are jumping between industries that are polar opposites.

When you hire a career coach, they have the experience to maneuver through the process seamlessly.

6. You have workspace anxiety

Careers can be stressful, and some companies do not make it easy for us. Workspace anxiety is common today, more than ever. If you are not being realistic or managing your expectations correctly, it will continue to increase, preventing you from succeeding.

Career coaches are not psychologists necessarily, but they are very well equipped with understanding and managing workspace anxiety. With a career coach, you will be able to understand what is causing that anxiety and what are some professional steps that you can take to cater to it immediately.

Such anxiety and stress can be damaging to your career, and a career coach can certainly help you overcome the problem.

7. You’re not sure about your goals

If you do not have a goal-oriented career, you are missing a major piece of the puzzle.

This is when you should consider hiring a career coach. A career coach is fully capable to provide perspective and help you set goals.

Career coaches see goals differently than we would otherwise. When working with a career coach, you would learn that career coaches never set unattainable goals.

Instead, your career coach will help you identify and set achievable goals, broken down into smaller pieces.

8. You’re unemployed

When unemployed, the most obvious focus at the time is to find another opportunity. Although this is the right way to go, we recommend simultaneously working with a career coach.

A career coach at the time of unemployment can potentially be the best investment you can ever make.

When unemployed, a career coach can assist with your resume, helping you find the right companies, and approach them while ensuring an interview.

So, if you think career coaching is only for when you already have a job, you might want to reconsider that. It is always a great idea to get free career consultations, at least.

9. You need to help with an interview

Assuming that you have a job interview coming up, and you are underprepared, nervous, and unconfident, this is yet another good time to hire a career coach.

Career coaches specialize in helping you with the interview.

Job interviews can be overwhelming, and it is never too late to learn as much as you can before your interview. Interviews are not only about companies asking you questions, it is also a matter of you finding your fit.

Hence, as a result, hiring a career coach will help you ask the right questions during an interview, approach it confidently, and help in your conversation.

How Do I Find & Hire a Career Coach?

If you have never been coached before, finding and hiring a career coach can be an overwhelming process.

But don’t worry, we have you covered!

When searching for a career coach, you most certainly do not want to hold back on some major factors.

This includes their experience and credentials.

Although career coaching does not really have specific pre-requisites, it is definitely essential to go for career coaches with credentials and experience.

Some great places to find career coaches can be LinkedIn and online coaching platforms.

LinkedIn helps you get a greater insight into the coach’s expertise while online coaching platforms help you get everything from start to finish, including pricing.

How Can Koachee Help?

Koachee is an online coaching marketplace connecting clients with some of the best career coaches. On Koachee you can search for career coaches, review their detailed profile, learn what others say, and request free consultations.

Koachee is a bridge that helps you find that gap and does the heavy lifting for you.


Coaching is not always black and white. Where there are some professionals who have greatly benefited from it, others have not considered it at all. However, as advocates for coaching ourselves, we most definitely find coaching to be one of the best investments you would ever make in yourself.

Finding a coach, working with them, and seeing results is a process.

Coaching is not one-size-fits-all.

You really need to find a coach, hop onto a discovery call, and find yourself the right kind of coach. Luckily, there are many who offer free consultation.

We would like to wish you the best of luck with your career and path to coaching!