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How to Become a Social Media Coach? A Definitive Guide


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Social media usage has grown at a drastic pace in the past decade. Today, there are not only more users on social media platforms, but there are also more businesses leveraging social media as a marketing tool, which in turn gives space to social media coaches.

With Facebook and Twitter being the pioneers in the social media landscape, Instagram (owned by Facebook), YouTube, and LinkedIn have carved their way in strongly.

Today, users on all social media platforms are efficient, smart, and knowledgeable.

With a massive audience on these platforms, businesses have been quick to recognize the need to focus on these platforms. Businesses of all kinds, big or small, in any industry know their audience is on social media and as a result, social media marketing has become a constant strategic need for businesses.

However, with social media platforms becoming more competitive, businesses have often sought social media coaching to streamline their strategies and models.

And that is where you come in as a social media coach and expert.

Traits of a Social Media Coach?


Five most important traits of a social media coach.

When companies and people are out in the market looking for a coach, they penetrate with certain expectations, looking for a coach who would fill gaps they cannot themselves. As a result, you are required to have traits you can showcase in order to be hired.

1. Experienced & Updated

Social media marketing is a dynamic industry to be a part of, and with constant changes, experts need to continuously remain updated. In order to find common ground, as a coach, it helps if you can showcase your experience and knowledge regarding all social media platforms.

Knowledge helps build trust, and trust builds long-term clientele.

2. Strategic Planner

Your social media marketing efforts are only as good as your strategic plan. Building strategic social media plans for businesses helps them broadly understand the direction their brand should be moving in. The ability to design, develop, and assist in implementation can take your social media coaching services a long way.

3. Reputed

When brands hear success stories and testimonials written for you by previous clients, it helps them learn about your expertise, reputation, and add points to your credibility. Hence, after every session, or consult, be sure to give all your clients the opportunity to review your services.

4. Proven Results

With how social media marketing has changed over the years, the results are quantifiable. However, these don’t only refer to page likes or the number of comments on a post. Social media numbers go beyond what you see on social media platforms. Analytics has now become a very essential part of social media marketing which helps you constantly tweak your strategic plans.

Social media analytics tools help you bring in more audiences and spread more awareness, which helps you generate proven results.

5. Effective Communication

As a social media coach, effective communication can change the entire game. Clients may not be well-versed with technical social media marketing terms and to advise and guide them effectively, you would require great communication skills.

Now that you know what traits an ideal social media coach has; it is time to learn more about how to become a social media coach. At times, you may be an amazing social media marketing professional and have tons of experience, but it may not mean you will be a great coach too.

So, how do you change that?

How to Become A Social Media Coach? Next Steps

1. Find Your Drive

Before you start to work towards becoming a social media coach, it is important to ask yourself all the right questions. Like any other profession, coaching requires commitment, time, and effort and in order to succeed, you need to make way for each.

A good starting out question is to ask yourself whether you are passionate about coaching and see yourself staying passionate through the course.

Once you have this out the way, you will be able to point out areas you need the most work in. You can use the traits, we mentioned above, as a baseline to understand which skillset you need to work on the most.

Finding your drive is essential with coaching. Remember, you will be working with individuals who are hiring you for your services because they want to improve.

2. Find a Mentor

Although, you can read all about coaching online, and in books, having a mentor would only add more clarity and knowledge. Mentors can help you learn as you go, and with their experience, and advice, you are likely to get onto the fast track immediately and be prepared for anything unknown.

3. Courses & Certifications


Udemy has a lot of courses focusing on social media which will help you with social media coaching.

Platforms like Udemy and Coursera offer several courses to help you strengthen your knowledge about social media marketing. Some of these courses are backed up widely reputed schools and colleges, and with these being online, you would be able to complete them in your free time.

4. Build a Portfolio

In order to have a portfolio, you would need to showcase previous clients, but it is not necessary that you may already have them. So, what do you do? Well, if you are just starting out, try to give one free session in a series of sessions and gather as much feedback as you can. The feedback that you generate from your free clients can be added together to create a portfolio.

Like any other business, you need to have clients willing to pay you for your services. But, often, social media coaches may find themselves asking, ‘where can I find clients for my coaching service?

So, how do you find your next client?

Where to Find Clients for Social Media Coaching?


Public speaking opportunities can help increase exposure for your social media coaching services.

1. Public Speaking

Many companies are often in search of speakers who would join them on stage to talk about what you do best. It is possible that initially, you may be doing it for free, but if you base your ROI on the number of clients or leads you get, you are already winning.

Public speaking is a quick and effective way to get in front of your potential audience. If you are new to public speaking and would prefer to gain exposure step by step, try to find public speaking opportunities catering to a smaller audience.

2. Networking

Your potential client is at every networking event you go to in your industry. Professional meetups in your industry are a good place to start, along with the online networking you do on LinkedIn. Being a resourceful professional at a networking event can help you attract clients.

Some networking events also accept guest speakers and you can sign up to be one too.

3. Podcasts

Accessibility to the internet has only gotten better, and simpler. Which in turn means more opportunities to attract clients. A social media marketing and coaching podcast can put you in front of thousands, if not millions, of people so long as your content is valuable.

Podcasting about social media will help you attract regular listeners who you can convert into clients using effective call-to-action methods.

4. Social Media

As a social media coach, you already may know how effective social media can be for generating leads and attracting clients. If you are looking to coach business owners on social media, LinkedIn can be your go-to platform.

If you approach potential clients with value, you would stand out among millions because a value-based approach may be far more effective than a sales pitch.

Similarly, Facebook and Instagram Ads can help you target your audience specifically.

5. Online Coaching Platforms

Innovation has brought forth online coaching softwares that assist you in managing your coaching services. More so, there are platforms like Koachee that bridge coaches with potential clients online. You can learn more about finding coaching clients on Koachee, here.


With the growth of social media platforms and its need for businesses, social media coaches like you have a bright future. In fact, new brands are starting with social media being their primary strategy when it comes to marketing. As a result, the need for a social media coach will only increase.

Coaching is now rapidly becoming a virtual business, and considering the gaps in the industry, Koachee is an online coaching platform bridging the gap between coaches and clients. At Koachee, you can become a social media coach for free and gain access to several hundred potential clients and business owners looking to hire you for your services.